Vibration and Shock Absorber for Defence Applications

ARC Dampers is India’s first indigenous specialized Industrial Shock Absorber manufacturing startup. Jointly with Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Mandi, ARC is designing and developing advanced and active defence weapons recoil system.

ARC’s defense and military capability includes recoil energy absorption mechanism for ships, submarines, tanks and artilleries in critical applications of Turret recoil, Davit for ships, aiming buffers for tanks and security buffers for missile launcher.

ARC’s hydraulic recoil dampers offer direct replacement to existing mechanical buffers Snipers, Shotgun and Caliber machine guns. ARC’s Adjustable and Non-Adjustable Shock Isolation Products reduces weapon weight and maintenance with increase in life and protection of structures. It also enhances the shooters comfort by reducing flinching and increasing the weapon reliability with target accuracy.

Vibration and Shock Absorber for Defence Weapons

Aircraft Catapult and Arresting Shock Absorber, Damper or Buffers

Vibration and Shock Absorber for Defence Aircrafts
Vibration and Shock Absorber for Defence Aircraft Arresting
Shock Absorber for Turret
Shock Absorber for Gun and Tank Recoil
stabilization and firing bumpers
Defence Safety bumpers
Barrel buffer and bumpers
Missile Launcher Buffers

ARC Other Experties for Motion and Vibrtaion Controls of Defence Equipments and Weapons