Viscoelastic Dampers

ARC’s construction damper are one of the trust worthy and designed perfectly to the excellence. ARC Seismic dampers and Shock Absorbers connect bridge beams to a column that allow the bridge to expand and contract due to normal thermal movement to keep the stresses from building up but in a strong event like an earthquake the these dampers resist movement locking the beams and columns together so the bridge can act as a composite structure and minimize the chance of failure or falling debris. These dampers increases the stiffness of the structure by decreasing the buckling experienced by columns and beam. In the new age bulidings ARC damoers and shock absorbers are generally placed in between each floor in order to resist the motion when there is any earthquake. Basically, construction dampers increases the life span of the structure by absorbing the buckling and lateral force. Also the machines like crane and elevators which falls in construction industry are also equipped with shock absorbers for emergency situations.

Tuned Mass Dampers (ARC-TMD's)

ARC Tuned mass dampers are designed with a spring system. The spring stiffness is chosen in such a manner that the optimal tuning of actual mass is achieved. TMD’s can be fitted is ARC smart dampers which then provides finest active damping. It’s damping can also be electronically controlled.

Viscoelastic Dampers for Construction Industry

Elevator Buffer and Shock Absorber

What if You Were on an Elevator and the Cable Broke? ARC Elevator buffers or shock absorbers are specifically a cylinder containing hydraulic oil, piston shaft, piston, guide bearings, pressure chamber with singular or multiple small throttle openings. During the impact on buffer / shock absorber, restricting oil flow through a series of controlled thorttles. When the piston rod is pushed into the cylinder, oil is displaced through these passage, which are progressively reduced. As a result, the speed gradually decreases as the shock absorber is compressed and prevents serious damage to machine.

Elevator Buffers and Lift Dampers
Viscoelastic Dampers for Large Structures

Order Max Energy Effective Weight Return Force Rest Time Weigth
Code E3 (Nm) E3 (Nm/hr) Wemin (Kg) Wemax (Kg) (N)) (S) (Kg)

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